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Assessment and Reporting to Parents

As teachers, we are constantly assessing children’s progress as part of our teaching. We help children to recognise their achievements by the way we mark their work and talk with them and we encourage children to evaluate their own work and reflect on their own progress.  There will be termly opportunities for a meeting with your child’s class teacher to discuss progress. Parents are also welcome to schedule appointments with the teachers at any point during the term. We want parents to feel welcome to come into classrooms. We believe it is important for children to see parents and teachers working together in partnership.

Parental Involvement


We encourage and value parental involvement in school. Parents help in a variety of ways, including running clubs,  working alongside children on the computer, reading with children, games sessions, and art and design activities. They help in other ways too, by helping with the classroom set up and DIY maintenance. We are always looking for support of this nature so if you would like to become involved please do not hesitate to contact us. We believe that partnership between home and school is vital and we can do so much more to help your child to develop if we work together.

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