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The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an internationally recognised online program based in the British system.  We provide a supervised location for students to study. Students must provide their own laptop.

IGCSE exams are taken at the British Council in the capital; the school will arrange transport if necessary. 

The British Curriculum
Our school concept prepares students for
and entry into the western education system. The British Education System breaks schooling up into 5 main Learning stages called Key Stages (KS).
KS1: Years 1-2 (Tunisian/American equivalent of Kindergarten and Grade 1)
KS2: Years 3-6 (Grades 2,3,4 and 5)
KS3: Years 7-9 (Grades 6,7 and 8)
KS4: Years 10-11 (Grades 9-10)
KS5: Years 12-13 (Grades 11-12))
KS1 and KS2
Our primary program focuses on giving students a strong foundation in the core subjects of maths, English, Science and the humanities.
At KS3 we continue to deepen our study of the core subjects; English, maths, science and the humanities. We also provide dedicated guided project time in which students can explore their own interests; developing their independence and confidence.
KS4 and KS5:

Students will be connected online with specialised teachers for their IGCSE’s.  As students become independent, self motivated learners we provide the resources and students design their own program tailored to their needs and talents.

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