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About Sousse International School

Value Statement

At Sousse International School, we recognize the importance of family and community. We aim to establish a feeling of family within our school in which each student feels safe and secure, cared for, loved, and recognized as uniquely valuable individuals.

We also hope to foster a strong link between the school and the community.

Sousse International School believes that children are created with natural curiosity and, through creative teaching methods, we desire to encourage children to reason for themselves.

Sousse International School believes that full development of human beings involves that of character values such as integrity, humility, and mutual respect as well as quality academic opportunities.

We aim to inspire each person within the school to reach their fullest potential in every area of their life.

School Values

Family, Community, Love, Safety/Security, Integrity, Wholeness, Caring individual recognition, Quality, Creative learning, Humility, Respect

Short History

Sousse International School started in 2015 with a need to educate expat children in Sousse because of the lack of an English option. Four families began to talk about how we could work together to help educate our children and from there the vision has grown to the desire to make something excellent that could also include local Tunisian students whose parents would prefer an English education for their children.

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Sousse International School primary is in a new building near the Olympic Stadium in Sahloul 4.

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Our Secondary school is in Jawhraa and will move to our new location in 2022.

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