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CLASSES 2023-24

Classes are currently organised as follows:

Foundation Stage Unit (Pre-school)

Primary Years 1-6.

Upper School 7-13.

Organisation of classes

 They contain a wide range of abilities and backgrounds. A range of different work is therefore covered, appropriate to the age, ability, and developmental needs of the children in the class. Within each class, teachers plan for and use a range of different groupings, sometimes grouping according to ability, sometimes mixing the age groups. We also consider children’s different preferred learning-styles and use these as another way of grouping children for some activities. Teachers assess each child’s work carefully and base future planning on these assessments. As children usually spend two (or three) years in one class, teachers and children get to know one another well. Teachers are able to make quite detailed observations about children’s progress which enables them to plan well-differentiated work.


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